You’ll find in our dog wash:

  •          A table and bath on work height (70cm). Without any high edges, so you can always reach your dog as best as possible. L-shaped, so it’s easy to move your dog from table to bath and the other way around.
  •         A small stairs to help big dogs get on the table/bath without heavy lifting.
  •          Wall rings and strings to keep your dog safe and stable whilst standing on the table/bath
  •          A collection of natural (anti-parasite)shampoo’s and conditioners, for all kinds of coat types.
  •           A water blower with a double engine and regulated speed and temperature. It will dry your dog’s coat very fast and easy.
  •           Waterproof aprons to keep your clothing clean (we recommend to wear old clothing and waterproof shoes)
  •           A heating system will keep you warm in cold days
  •         Our space can be fully closed with a ‘farmer’s’ door. You can easily keep the top open for more daylight and fresh air, but will keep your dog safe and not able to enter the road.
  •           Our space is fully tiled to keep the area easy to keep clean
  •           Disinfectant materials
  •           A trashbin where you can dump all loose hair

-        You are always welcome to bring your own pair of clippers, (medicinal) shampoo and towels

-        To keep our space and outdoor environment as clean as possible, we recommend to first brush (in our dog wash, or at home) dog’s coats that are shedding