House rules:

Conditions and house rules:

  •          You are fully responsible for the safety or your dog whilst using our space.
  •       Leave the room as clean and tight as possible. The more friendly it’s being used, the more options we can offer in opening hours and easy use of products and materials.
  •       Keep the environment in mind. Don’t use more products, power and water then necessary. The more efficiency, the lower we can keep costs.
  •       You can always reach us if the space is not being left in a good condition by a previous client. This way, we can address people and keep our service as high as we want.
  •       Please use the dog wash only in your booked minutes/hours. Only by working honest and clean, we can be flexible with our opening hours.

Any recommendations to upgrade our service/product? Please let us know 😊

Opening hours:
Every day from 08.00-20.00

Costs: €10 per 15min. You decide how you want to use your time.

In case of damage, missing material or reporting an incorrectly left space, we ask you to contact us via phonecall or whatsapp on: 0641688855